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Solid State Logic spotlights Gravity

Solid State Logic showed its Gravity Package Production Tool (PPT) media editor at InfoComm 200 in Las Vegas last week.

An integral component of the Gravity Media Asset Management system, the Gravity PPT delivers a familiar interface with strong editing functions to make edit operations easier for fast-paced media distribution.

SSL said it has learned that editors appreciate comfort in function of editing software. So PPT offers a customizable keyboard that allows editors to assign their favorite editing functions to specific keys as well as familiar on-screen/monitor scrubbing capabilities.

Because all functions within Gravity are render-free and performed in real time, work in the PPT can continue uninterrupted without waiting for saved projects to render. This speed is matched by a full-featured editing toolset that includes hundreds of real-time video and audio transitions and filters, splice, slip, and slide functions, unlimited undo and multiple video and audio tracks.

PPT has the ability to seamlessly hand off material to external craft editors, like Final Cut Pro, for additional post-production work or transfer to distribution or archive systems. With PPT, the user can concentrate on editing the material for a project and not worry about the technology of file formats and publishing requirements.

Gravity’s new PPT V1.3 enhancements include a voice-over feature that allows for an additional audio track for spot voice-overs, audio waveform that displays audio data in the familiar screen format and a Motion Mosaic effect that will disguise faces or objects with the effect capable of moving with the target face or object.