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Softel Launches Online Resource Library

PANGBOURNE, England: Softel has announced the launch of a website dedicated to supplying helpful information regarding their products.

Loaded with application notes, case studies and technical articles, visitors have access to a large cache of how-to information regarding subtitles, captions, ancillary data and other uses of the Softel software family.

The subtitling and captioning processes are broken down and described step by step, from creation and insertion to transmission and management. Users can browse topics such as avoiding subtitling and captioning transmission delays, simplifying multilanguage workflows, processing multiformat transmission, automating complex subtitling and more.

“[Many] broadcasters around the world are considering how to process subtitles and captions for the first time, as these become mandatory in their country,” said Softel CEO Sam Pemberton in a press release. “Our aim with this new website is to provide a source of guidance for the industry by explaining the subtitle and caption process in clear, understandable terms while also outlining the most advanced subtitling and captioning technologies for those who need to simplify complex operations.”

Softel titles include the Swift family of subtitling and captioning software and the vFlex ancillary data processor.