Snell partners with The Application Store for Screentoo app

At NAB 2011, Snell and The Application Store (TAS) demonstrated the fruits of a partnership to enable second-screen viewing. Snell's Morpheusautomation can be leveraged to drive metadata to second-screen apps on mobile devices, including the iPad; in this case, Morpheus will provide real-time data to the TAS Screentoo app to enable synchronicity between the TV broadcast and the interactive and timeline-sensitive elements in the Screentoo app.

TAS is a London-based developer "specializing in translating brand expressions, such as popular TV programs, into engaging mobile and tablet experiences." The Screentoo app is available for broadcasters to brand and distribute apps to provide services such as voting, polls, chat and e-commerce related to and customized for a specific show or channel. Morpheus' accurately timed metadata enables the Screentoo app to provide the consumer with options that correspond to events within the primary broadcast, thus triggering targeted advertising, providing information about a character or actor in the show, or launching a viewer poll. Screentoo lets viewers vote, enter competitions, participate in quizzes and purchase items.