Snell Names Telecom Vet Chief Technical Officer

READING, U.K.: Snell has appointed Robert Rowe as chief technology officer. Rowe, a 15-year veteran of the global telecommunications and satellite industries, will assume responsibility for both engineering implementation and technology strategy for Snell’s systems, product, and technology portfolio, and will be responsible for managing the development life cycle. Rowe will report directly to Snell CEO Simon Derry.

Prior to joining Snell, Rowe was an independent consultant to Cambridge Silicon Radio, where he was involved in its acquisition of SiRF. Previously, Rowe served as an internal consultant for Cambridge Silicon Radio and was also chief technology officer for Cambridge Positioning Systems Ltd for seven years. There, he led the company’s development of cellular positioning systems including GPS and terrestrial solutions. Other prior positions include vice president of network design and technology for Aerial Communications, technical director for AirTouch PCS, and technical director of Telesis Technologies Laboratory.

He was also instrumental in launching the U.K. presence of Orange, the fifth largest telecom operator in the world. Rowe holds a master’s degree in engineering communications from the University of London.