Snell Kahuna delivers built-in 3-D functionality for German broadcast truck

Broadcast Solutions, a German designer and manufacturer of custom DSNG and OB vehicles, has placed Snell’s Kahuna HD/SD multiformat production switcher at the core of its new 16-camera 3-D/HD broadcast truck. One of the first vehicles in Germany to offer 3-D production capabilities, the new truck features state-of-the-art 3-D and HD production equipment and features designed to provide a smooth path to the latest broadcasting standards.

"Many of our German customers are already mounting 3-D sports productions, and we expect other entertainment events to follow soon," said Stefan Breder, managing director of Broadcast Solutions. "Kahuna is truly unique in the market for its integrated ability to handle 3-D switching in parallel with all other format sources including SD and HD, which offers a truly future-proof option for our clients. That is why Kahuna will always be our first choice for our truck projects."

Built for Broadcast Solutions' client HD Broadcast, a service provider for the German TV and film industries, the new vehicle is a 12m semitrailer with a 1.3m full-length extension, two independent video production areas and an audio control room. The truck includes two Kahuna production switchers, one for each production area, in addition to a Snell Cygnus video router with 288 inputs and 528 outputs, and several components from the Snell IQ Modular infrastructure range. The Kahuna switchers support 3-D as well as standard HD production, providing the ability to perform extensive corrections to stereoscopic 3-D content all within a single M/E. Because Kahuna offers internal features for 3-D image calibration, operators can easily make complementary adjustments to the left and right sources to correct any convergence issues.