Snell debuts Centra Vite for automated router control and configuration

At IBC, Snell will launch Centra Vite, a new router control and configuration tool that simplifies the setup of router installations and speeds them into operation. Centra Vite is provided free with all Snell Nucleus controlled routers.

Snell said Centra Vite provides a simple and intuitive way to define the basics of the router setup. A selection of default configurations allows operators to begin using their Snell routers immediately upon delivery, easily changing simple settings such as size and control port protocols.

Centra Vite also allows operators to configure and design hardware control panels, edit signal names, configure associations for multi-level system support and set up more advanced features. Those include reference selection, switch points, inhibits and the ability to configure different protocols for different serial and IP ports.

A new snapshot application saves the live status of all or a selection of routes, allowing them to be recalled later — invaluable when upgrading or moving the router between venues in a truck environment. A web interface allows soft panels to be used for remote crosspoint setting.

Centra Vite is not dependent on SQL database structures and does not require third party applications for database management, further simplifying the installation process and allowing smaller files to be emailed between users on different sites. Files can be saved in a single file configuration for backup or for use as the basis of future configurations.