SMPTE Elects Goldman as President

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.—A month before American voters head to the polls, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers have made their voice heard on who will be leading them over the coming years. Matthew Goldman, senior vice president of technology, TV and media at Ericsson, has been elected as the new SMPTE president for the 2017-2018 term, along with other new officers and governors.

Matthew Goldman

Goldman has previously served on the SMPTE board as executive vice president, finance vice president, and Eastern region governor. He will take over for current SMPTE president Robert Seidel of CBS on Jan.1, 2017, and will hold the position for two years. Seidel will continue to serve on the SMPTE Board of Governors as the Society’s past president.

Other SMPTE officers elected for the 2017-2018 term include Patrick Griffis, VP of technology at Dolby Labs and SMPTE education vice president, as executive vice president; Richard Welsh, CEO of Sundog Media Toolkit, as the new education vice president; and Peter Wharton, VP of technology and business development at BroadStream Solutions, who was re-elected as secretary/treasurer.

Governors elected for the new term include François Abbe, president and founder of Mesclado, for the Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Central and South America regions; Brian Claypool, VP of business development at Barco, for the Central region; Christopher Fetner, director of engineering and partnerships at Netflix, for the Hollywood region; George Hoover, CTO at NEP Group, for the Eastern region; Michal Koetter, VP of digital media systems at Turner Broadcasting, for the Southern region; Gary Mandle, senior product manager for Sony North America, for the Western region; Masayuki Sugawara, executive engineer at NEC Corporation, for the Asia-Pacific region; and François Vaillant, executive director of engineering and infrastructure at CBC/Radio-Canada, for the Canadian region. Andrew G. Setos, CEO for Blackstar Engineering, and Douglas I. Sheer, CEO and chief analyst at DIS Consulting, were re-elected as Governors for the Hollywood and New York regions, respectively.

Governors-at-large and directors of standards, education and membership will be appointed by the Board of Governors at a later date.