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SMPTE Conference Draws 2,000

The 147th Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers Technical Conference and Exhibition kicked off Nov. 9 in New York with an all-day forum devoted to digital cinema. The four day conference, in addition to the cinema forum, is featuring more than 60 technical presentations, an equipment exhibit, an awards presentation and an industry luncheon.

According to David Juhren, SMPTE director of communications, this year's event is expected to draw a crowd of over 2,000 people. There are 58 registered equipment exhibitors.

Receiving particular emphasis this year is HD television developments, with a large number of conference presentations based on the continuing rollout of HD broadcasts and increasing public awareness and acceptance of the technology. As more and more HD receivers are sold, television broadcasters are beginning to consider presenting news programming in high definition. Presentations addressed the dropping prices of HD news acquisition equipment; the growing audience for HD news; ENG HD transmission developments; graphics considerations for HD; and an account of one station's experiences doing HD news. Presentations also addressed new developments in HD camera and recording technologies.

The conference, which continues through Saturday, is also featuring other presentations in covering television and motion pictures, including improvements in television audio, HD imaging and storage techniques.