Small Tree Rolls Out 24-Port 10 GB Ethernet Video Editing Switch

OAKDALE, MINN.: Small Tree announced the introduction of its ST 10G24 SFP, a 24-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch, enabling deployment of one set of switches, cables and adapter cards to reduce complexity and cost.

Optimized for video editing, the ST 10G24 SFP is a 10 Gb switch offering low latency, jumbo frames, symmetric flow control, link aggregation and full Spanning Tree Protocol support. The switch is built to enable multi- or single mode fiber media configurations and connectivity to 10GE or 1 GE networks via SFP+ or SFP connectors, in addition to providing advanced features such as Layer 2 switching, IP v4/v6 routing, QoS support and management capabilities.