Sky Sports selects Vizrt for stereo 3-D channel

Sky Sports has chosen Vizrt as the core graphics platform for its 3-D TV channel, which launched in April.

The captivating 3-D graphics drew special attention from viewers when the network recently experimented with a soccer match. The stereoscopic Vizrt system uses a Viz Trio CG operator interface controlling a Viz render engine PC. The graphics engine uses two graphics cards, and the separately rendered HD channels for each eye are synchronized by a new application developed for the process.

The stereoscopic convergence point and depth are also adjustable on the fly to allow for changing camera views. GPI triggers can also drive the system from the vision-mixing desk.

Vizrt has always delivered graphics as true 3-D animations, so adding stereoscopy to the rendering process was not that big of a challenge for the company. Sky Sports has used Vizrt graphics systems since 2000.