Sky News chooses EVS for ingest, edit and playout

EVS is providing a file-based ingest/edit/playout server solution for Sky News for its launch of Sky News HD in the spring of 2010.

Sky News and EVS will now work together to introduce the new technology at Sky News West London headquarters, with HD upgrades at its Central London studio, the regions and internationally. The goal is to improve the company’s day-to-day newsgathering operation and output abilities on TV, as well as online and radio.

The system will use Apple’s Final Cut Studio as the editor. The tapeless system, will operate across ingest, edit and playout. It will get news output onto multiple platforms quicker and improve the integration between Sky News’ bureaus and field teams and its headquarters at Osterley, West London.

The use of EVS Instant Tapeless Technology, including the XS and XT[2] production servers, XStore[2] SAN server, IPDirector, as well as XEDIO, with Final Cut studio across the board means teams back at headquarters will be capable of last-minute tweaks to any news package sent in, whether it comes from London, Liverpool or Lahore.

Sky News will now work to introduce the EVS solutions across its operation by spring next year and will embark upon a training system with all affected staff to ensure a smooth changeover next year.