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Sinclair Taps Miranda For Upconversion, Channel Branding

(March 31, 2004) Montreal--Sinclair Broadcast Group has selected Miranda as a key provider of upconversion and channel-branding equipment. The Miranda systems are part of a comprehensive upgrade that will enable most of Sinclair's affiliate stations to accommodate pass-through HDTV provided by the network.
When Sinclair distributes high definition content to its affiliates, the local stations can then use Miranda's Imaging Series QUC-801i upconverter modules to combine these feeds with their upconverted material and add in their own local channel branding in HD using Oxtel Series Imagestore HDTV processors. The new equipment is set to be in place at most stations owned or operated by Sinclair by the end of 2004.
"This is a great solution for our many local stations because it's small and efficient and can be integrated easily by on-site personnel within their local environments," said Harvey Arnold, Sinclair Broadcast Group's director of corporate engineering. "The equipment offers good value and quality today, and it will serve as anchor equipment that stays with each station for future build-outs and studio retrofits.
"Many of our stations have already adopted Miranda's Presmaster master control switching and channel-branding system, and this new HD branding equipment will integrate seamlessly with this switcher."
The Imaging Series QUC-801i upconverter used by Sinclair is enhanced with Miranda's Super Adaptive UVP-101i analog and digital universal video processor/synchronizer and the DNR 111i advanced motion adaptive 3D digital noise reducer with MNR (mosquito noise reduction) to provide high-quality HD conversion. Using the QUC-801i, Sinclair affiliates can choose from multiple HD output formats, including 1080i, 720p, and 480i.
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