Simulmedia and Nielsen Partner on Metrics for Unmeasured Cable Networks

NEW YORK— Simulmedia and Nielsen announced they have signed a development agreement to research “long tail” TV network measurement. This joint research will seek to capture the sizable audience activity that goes unmeasured today on niche cable networks to enable these networks to sell advertising based on reliable, qualified ratings systems.

The agreement is the culmination of more than a year of joint research involving the Nielsen People Meter panel and Simulmedia’s set-top box viewing data representing 50 million viewers. Together, the companies plan to create a first of its kind measurement solution for currently unmeasured cable network TV audiences.

Dave Morgan, Simulmedia’s CEO, said, “In our work, we have found valuable blocks of audiences watching programs that may be under the radar of many network TV buyers.”

This is the second time the two companies have collaborated. In October 2013, Simulmedia entered into a license agreement with Nielsen to integrate Nielsen Buyer Insights into the Simulmedia Audience Insights Database to augment TV viewer behavioral insights. Nielsen Buyer Insights combines actual TV viewing with anonymized panelist purchasing behavior representative of 24 billion transactions, $2 trillion in annual sales primarily from the retail, travel, digital, restaurant, entertainment, financial services, telecom, discount store and gas station categories.