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Showtime Sports Doc Shoots With Panasonic VariCam LT 4K

NEWARK, N.J.—Showtime and content studio Malka Media are stepping up their games in shooting a six-part episodic digital sports documentary in 4K, choosing Panasonic’s VariCam LT 4K camcorder to do so. Though the content was shot in 4K, the final result will air in HD on and the Showtime Sports YouTube channel.

For “Legacy: Bob Hurley,” series director and Malka Media CEO Louis Krubich chose the VariCam LT camera based on its 4K acquisition and dual-native 800/5000s, hoping to eventually combine the footage into a single documentary for a network to broadcast in 4K. The native sensors allow Krubich to follow his subjects in low light situations without losing quality. The camera also allows for mics and reference audio receivers to be plugged directly into XLR ports. Additional features offered by the VariCam LT camera included the ability to configure and switch between Scene Files for fast or slow motion, and dual recording capabilities.

“Legacy: Bob Hurley” follows St. Anthony High School’s basketball coach Bob Hurley, who is entering into his 45th year of coaching at the school where he has led the team to 28 state championships. However, because of funding issues, the basketball program is in danger of being shut down.

The six-episode series, with episodes ranging from 10-12 minutes, will start airing on Feb. 20.