SGL to show FlashNet storage solution at IBC2004

At IBC2004, SGL will demonstrate its FlashNet storage archive solution in partnership with several major players in the broadcast industry.

In the global shift from tape-based libraries to all-digital environments, the FlashNet provides broadcasters with data management software that links video stored as files on video servers and network storage systems to the libraries that serve as long-term repositories.

The solution allows the user to move material from the server to the archive either manually or under the control of an application, such as automation or asset management. Its database tracks all video assets by a user- or application-assigned unique ID for easy archive management and retrieval.

See SGL at IBC2004 in booths 7.931 (Avid), 3.438 (Blue Order), 7.410 (IBIS) 7.221/7.321 (Quantel), 11.551/11.561 (Thomson Broadcast & Media Solutions) and 9.431 (TMD).

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