SGI shows InfiniteStorage for broadcast featuring MXF capabilities

SGI’s MXF solution features Avid non-linear editors for editing and playout.

At NAB2004, SGI showed its InfiniteStorage solution for broadcast featuring a data-centric broadcast workflow.

With enhanced MXF capabilities for the SGI Media Server for broadcast, the SGI end-to-end MXF solution also incorporated the SGI InfiniteStorage TP9100 SAN server, CXFS, MassTech MassBrowse, MassProxy and MassStore for low-res browse, proxy and archive.

Additionally, SGI’s MXF solution featured Avid non-linear editors for editing and playout using multiple SGI Media Server for broadcast servers under the control of Harris automation.

The SGI system featured tight integration between ingest, edit, playout, distribution, and archive and allowed for many times faster than real-time file sharing between workstations using different operating systems throughout the broadcast operation. This greatly simplified approach using IT technology to integrate workflows allows easy Web browsing from any location enabling the business of television to be carried on faster and with improved production.

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