Sezmi Expands to 36 Markets

Nine months after launching its service in Los Angeles, Sezmi, the new personalized television service that combines live TV, on-demand movies, Internet video, and DVR capabilities in one service, has expanded its Sezmi Select service package to 36 markets in 23 different states across the United States for only $4.99 per month.

The Sezmi system costs $149 for a smart, personalized DVR that holds up to 1,400 hours of programming and DTV receiver. In addition to being able to watch HD, local broadcast channels that are received over the air, Sezmi’s monthly $4.99 subscription offers DVR capabilities, DTV tuner, on-demand TV and movies, online video access, personalized TV and an electronic program guide.

Sezmi’s full service offering, “ Select Plus”--which also includes cable TV content--is currently only available in Los Angeles, but will expand to additional markets beginning in late 2010, the company said. Those interested in the expanded offering can subscribe to Sezmi Select now, and upgrade their service tier once the cable network programming becomes available in their market.

Customers can see if their address qualifies for service at and can order their Sezmi system and subscribe for the service at