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Sencore and PBS extend partnership

Sencore has extended its partnership with PBS to deliver an advanced message data encapsulator in support of the PBS Warning, Alert and Response Network (WARN) Act compliance project. The new data encapsulator will work in tandem with other Sencore solutions already in place to enable PBS, its member stations, public television (PTV) and non-commercial educational (NCE) stations to provide next-generation emergency alert services.

The new message data encapsulator is the latest building block in a seamless and reliable framework that will allow PBS to serve as a diverse path for wireless enabled alerts without disruption to the broadcast signal. It works in coordination with Sencore-provided MRD 3187B receivers and TDI 3000 transport data injectors to create a redundant data network leveraging the existing PBS broadcast infrastructure.

The WARN backup data network connects FEMA to commercial mobile service (CMS) providers for the delivery of geotargeted emergency warning text messages to cellular telephones across the United States. The data encapsulator will leverage proven, tested hardware components from both the MRD 3187B and the TDI 3000 to provide a solution that is reliable and easy to maintain.

The new encapsulator will perform message processing and handling, Web server hosting, message formatting and encapsulation, and heartbeat/test message generation. The encapsulator will transmit identical copies of the data stream through its ASI and redundant IP outputs. Full control of unit settings will be available through a hosted Web GUI, and NMS integration is possible via full support of SNMP-based remote monitoring and control.