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SeaChange UML grid offers fast Final Cut Pro performance with 10G IP storage

SeaChange International said it has achieved the industry’s highest Final Cut Pro performance using its 10Gb/s IP Universal MediaLibrary (UML) Grid storage platform.

A single UML node with 72 high-capacity SATA drives delivers 78 simultaneous Apple Pro Res HQ streams (220Mb/s each), totaling 17Gb/s throughput over two active/active 10G IP network links. With these numbers, the UML can support more simultaneous SD/HD streams for playout or editing.

The SeaChange Universal MediaLibrary (UML) Grid Storage is a high-availability storage solution that uses iSCSI architecture and offers high performance, full redundancy and massive scalability demanded by media-centric organizations today. It features efficient media workflows with a design that achieves the highest real-time performance.

At the same time, it employs a media-centric file architecture that provides space efficiency for small files and high-streaming performance for large media files. The UML Grid is also well suited for multi-user environments because of its client-based bandwidth control, integration with LDAP and Active Directory for IT-friendly multi-user access administration and file notification that allows efficient media inventory management.

The UML Grid allows dynamic online expansion in less than 10 seconds, scaling both capacity and performance simply by adding a UML node to the grid.