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SeaChange Acquires Flashlight for DTV Apps

ACTON, MASS.–SeaChange International has purchased all assets and intellectual property, including source code, from Flashlight Engineering and Consulting, LLC of Portland, Ore. Flashlight specializes in designing and writing software for DTVs and set-top boxes. 

As part of the agreement, SeaChange will create a business unit in Portland for its 20 employees and, effective immediately, Flashlight President and CEO Eric Miller becomes VP-Engineering at SeaChange, reporting to Shiva Patibanda, General Manager of SeaChange’s In-Home business unit.

SeaChange CFO Mike Bornak commented, “We welcome the highly talented Flashlight organization to our SeaChange team. This purchase of Flashlight assets is an example of the research and development investments we are making to accelerate the delivery of our next generation software solutions and develop new revenue streams.”

Patibanda added, “Flashlight architects, along with SeaChange architects, have been contributing to the primary industry standards for consumer electronics, digital video and interactive TV software for many years. These standards drive today’s software development environments for DVDs, digital cable, IPTV, and DBS systems.”

“Flashlight has worked across the spectrum of ITV software, from drivers to applications and from web services to set-top boxes and mobile devices. Every major cable operator in the U.S. is using software developed by Flashlight engineers, and their expertise ties in nicely with our software development and deployments with all major cable operators in the Americas and Europe,” Patibanda said.

Miller added, “The skill set of our team at Flashlight complements the skill set of the team at SeaChange, as we have previously collaborated on projects for large cable operators. Besides the existing synergy between the two companies, this merging creates an expansion of engineering scope for SeaChange. We look forward to being part of the SeaChange organization.”