Scopus introduces multichannel processor for cable

Scopus Video Networks has announced the IRP-3910 integrated receiver processor — a multichannel ATSC professional decoder/processor/downconverter unit. The unit was designed to help cable operators transition from analog to ATSC digital television broadcasting.

By the February 2009 analog TV shutdown, cable operators must continue to provide both digital and analog formats. FCC regulations require that this dual-carry continue through 2012. The IRP-3910 is designed as a downconversion solution for this transition.

The system will enable cable operators to receive, process, multiplex, decode, and perform HD downconversion and aspect ratio adaptation of off-air ATSC broadcasts. Cable operators receiving local channels as content feeds can deploy the IRP-3910 as a solution for dealing with the transition to an all-digital ATSC environment.

The IRP-3910 comes in a single RU chassis, providing up to four channels of HD decoding along with dynamic aspect ratio conversion. It also incorporates a multiplexing core that enables grooming and PSIP aggregation of multiple HD and SD programs for digital content distribution. A wide variety of inputs (8VSB, ASI and IP) and outputs (baseband video, audio, ASI and IP) are available.

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