SBP orders third HD truck from Broadcast Networks

Following the success of two earlier projects for Italian broadcast facilities company SBP, Broadcast Networks, a systems integration company in the UK, has been commissioned to refurbish an existing mobile production vehicle. The latest project will involve rebuilding SBP’s existing OB4, a 16-camera truck, and upgrading it to full HD production capability.

SBP’s OB4 is mainly used for sports broadcasting and live events coverage. The rebuild will see the vehicle stripped back to its original chassis then refitted with new wiring, equipment and internal furniture. The coach itself will also be upgraded and painted. Broadcast Networks handled the entire project, which was recently completed.

Included among the equipment installed were 20 Grass Valley 6000 mkII Worldcam HD cameras, a Snell & Wilcox Kahuna HD production switcher, two Sony HDCAM HD VTR’s, three HD LSM EVS XT[2] clip servers, a Grass Valley Trinix HD router and a Studer Vista 5 live audio mixer.

SBP is a private Italian TV production and post-production company founded in 1976. The company provides production services for sports broadcasting and live events coverage, such as Moto GP, Champions League, the Olympic Games and F1 Powerboat racing.

SBP is currently expanding its HD production fleet and has added three brand new trucks — OB20 with 24 HD cameras, OB21 with 10 HD cameras and OB2 with six cameras — as well as upgrading OB6, which has 20 HD cameras. OB4 is similar in size to the network’s OB6, which Broadcast Networks refitted last year.

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