SanDisk introduces ExtremeFFS

SanDisk has announced an advanced flash file system for solid-state drives (SSDs) that is purported to improve performance and reliability. Called ExtremeFFS, the flash management system has the potential to accelerate random write speeds by up to 100 times as well as improve overall endurance.

For SSDs to replicate or surpass the functionality of hard disk drives, a new flash management technology is needed to accelerate SSD write speed and endurance. Extreme FFS operates on a page-based algorithm, which means there is no fixed coupling between physical and logical location. When a sector of data is written, the SSD puts it where it is most convenient and efficient. The result is an improvement in random write performance by up to 100 times. SanDisk predicts that SSD net performance next year will be four times faster than the current generation of SSDs and nearly six times that of the latest 2.5in HDDs.

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