Samsung partners with more carriers for GalaxyTab

Samsung has added partnerships with Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility and Sprint Nextel to sell its new GalaxyTab tablet. Now, all four Tier 1 U.S. operators carry not just Samsung’s Android smart phone, the Galaxy S, but also its new Android tablet. Samsung reported that it has shipped more than 2 million Galaxy S phones in the United States.

The carriers will determine both the price and release date information for the GalaxyTab. Verizon Wireless is expected to be the first to release the Android tablet, and Sprint has stated that it plans to release the tablet for fall 2010. Although T-Mobile has not yet officially announced that it will release the Samsung tablet, the carrier has already said it plans to launch the tablet for the 2010 holiday season. AT&T Mobility also didn’t reveal a date but said it would be in the next few months. Samsung has also stated that it plans to release a WiFi-only version of the tablet. Unlike the European versions of the GalaxyTab, the U.S. versions will not enable telephony, meaning that users will not be able to use a Bluetooth headset to make phone calls.

Samsung also introduced partners for its Media Hub entertainment center, which will enable GalaxyTab and Galaxy S users to buy and rent movies and next-day TV shows. MTV, NBC, Paramount and Universal Home Entertainment have all signed on to offer entertainment via the Hub.