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SAMMA unveils HD archive migration technology

At the recent HD World conference in New York City, SAMMA Systems, a provider of automated systems for the migration of videotape to digital files, showed new technology for HD archiving.

The technology is designed for broadcasters that need to archive content in existing HD libraries and upconvert their SD archives into HD workflows.

The new SAMMA HD technology uses an analysis engine with powerful signal processing capabilities. It will allow upconversion from SD to any of the popular HD formats as well as crossconversion from one HD format to another during the one-step tape to file migration. Like the SAMMA Solo SD version, the output is simultaneous, preservation-quality HD files as well as multiple proxy files.

The technology also has the capability to capture all the migration metadata during the conversion process.

SAMMA’s products facilitate the automated migration of videotapes into the digital server environment. The flagship product, SAMMA (System for the Automated Migration of Media Assets) Robot, includes robotic tape handling of multiple simultaneous migration streams, with closed loop process control to allow tapes to be migrated in a totally unattended fashion. The result is higher quality and faster migration at a lower cost than any other method.

SAMMA Solo is a semi-automated, real-time analog to digital file migration system, with several specialty components, such as computer-controlled tape cleaners and a Motion JPEG2000 lossless compression encoder.

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