SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP has purchased a share in DELEC Audio- und Videotechnik, a German manufacturer of intercom systems. The company will now offer its own DELEC range of products.

DELEC introduced a new module for one of SALZBRENNER'S core products at the Tonmeistertagung VDT International Audio Convention last month: a wireless interface for the IC48 MKII intercom system. This interface integrates seven mobile radio sets into the typically wired intercom system and provides up to seven targets within the intercom system for each set. An intelligent reply function automatically connects the radio set to the caller, thus significantly simplifying operation.

The radio-set integration operates with a transfer power of 0.7…6 W and can be implemented for various frequencies between 400…470 MHz. A license for the PMR range for radio-sets is applied for.

The radio-set interface allows for integration of the floor-manager wireless communication into the intercom system at a TV production, or for routing stage-worker headsets to the stage-management address areas.

The DELEC headquarters will remain at Göllheim (located between Mainz and Mannheim). The company will continue designing its range of products.

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