Sales and Marketing Changes for DPA Microphones

DPA Microphones has recruited Poul Koza to serve as sales and marketing director as part of the company's ongoing expansion.

Koza has a sales and marketing background, having previously worked at Panasonic, Pioneer and Jamo.

"Poul shares our concept of branding so we'll be heading forward in the same direction as before, but he'll also bring along some of the theories he's learned from working with large Japanese organisations, which we will doubtless benefit from," said DPA founder Morten Støve.

Støve has a new role as director of business development.

"I will now get chance to get involved in larger customer projects which would benefit from my participation, as well as OEM sales and strategic alliances," said Støve. "I'll also be exploring new markets and product concepts, and will now have time to look at trends and make sure we're putting our efforts in the right places with regard to DPA's future direction."