Sacramento’s KVIE Adopts Digital Nirvana Monitor IQ

SACRAMENTO, CALIF.–KVIE, the PBS affiliate serving the Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, Calif. market, has chosen Newark, Calif.-based Digital Nirvana’s Monitor IQ Broadcast Monitoring System (BMS) for quality control monitoring of its ATSC signals.

KVIE will use the system to monitor the ATSC “off-air” signals of its DTV channels: KVIE 6.1 HDTV and KVIE2 6.2 as well as its Spanish language service KVIE 6.3 VME.

Monitor IQ is a monitoring, logging, compliance and content republishing system for TV networks and stations. It combines the functionality of content recording (full-resolution HD and SD), content searching, retrieve and repurposing, Web publishing, signal monitoring, air-check logging, archiving, ad verification and tracking, and competitive analysis in a scalable networked appliance.

The system is available in the scalable Starter, Essentials, Plus and Premier packages. KVIE selected Monitor IQ Essentials, which includes core logging functionality, plus FCC-compliance and loudness monitoring.

“Our goal is to ensure that we are broadcasting high-quality signals that comply with the intent and spirit of The CALM Act and other federal and FCC mandates,” said Greg Johnson, director of engineering for KVIE. “The Monitor IQ system will also help us monitor closed captioning, signal interruptions, PSIP, and the overall technical integrity of our ATSC signals,” Johnson added. “With the ability to store 90-days worth of off-air HD/SD recordings, we can go back and check the signals we aired to verify compliance or take corrective action when issues are detected.”

KVIE also ordered a decoding and logging the Nielsen NAVE Watermark ID feature to verify its presence within their DTV signals; this comes standard with the Monitor IQ Plus package.

Monitor IQ Essentials includes functionality to ensure regulatory compliance. New features include support for IP as an input source, and loudness monitoring is now bundled as standard. The Essentials system accepts DVB-T/C/S2, ASI, ASI/IP, HD/SD-SDI, ATSC/QAM and NTSC/QAM and NTSC/PAL formats. It records audio, video, VANC metadata and captioning in both high- and low-definition. Searching is based upon keywords, titles, subtitles, descriptions, textual metadata, closed-caption text and imported logs, with filtering by time, date and channel. Recordings can also be edited, clipped, stored and sent via email or FTP.

In addition to carrying PBS network programming, KVIE also produces several of its own original series including “Viewfinder,” which focuses on issues of interest to Northern California; Studio Sacramento, a public affairs program; and “America’s Heartland, about American agriculture.