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Sachtler to introduce an array of new products for IBC2003

Sachtler will unveil its Artemis EFP Pro camera stabilizing system for SDI-HD cameras at IBC.

The Video 75 Plus Studio can be mounted with a flat-plate connection or multi-disc. Its one of three versions of the Fluid head 75.

The new Artemis EFP Pro features a 1.5 GHz video line, which enables live coverage using SDI-HD cameras. The EFP Pro and EFP versions now complement the Cine and Cine HD.

Sachtler’s other IBC offerings include:

  • Fluid head 75 with a superior payload range of 13 to 75 kg. Available in three versions: Video 75 Plus EFP with 150mm bowl and Touch & Go connection; the Video 75 Plus Studio, which can be mounted with a flat-plate connection or multi-disc; and the Cine 75 HD for use with film or HCD cameras.
  • Video 15 Plus with a 100mm bowl, this fluid head is designed for digital ENG cameras.
  • DV 1, a new tripod system for MiniDVs.
  • Topas softlights with capacities of 110, 220, 330, 440 and 660 watts.
  • Silent 400 ballast unit for use with the daylight luminaire Reporter 400D.

See Sachtler at IBC2003 in Stand 11.420 or visit

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