Sachtler introduces new camera fluid heads

Sachtler has introduced the Video 18 S1 and Video 20 S1 100mm fluid heads, which both provide a wider payload range and lower minimum payload than previous models.

The expanded payload capacity makes the new heads ideal for supporting a variety of loads, from heavier accessorized newsgathering camcorders to lightweight DSLRs like the Canon 5D Mark II or 7D. The heads now offer expanded 16-step counterbalance to enable extremely fine center of gravity adjustment for a wide range of camera payloads.

The payload range of the Video 20 S1 is expanded so that, like the 18 S1, it can now accommodate cameras as light as 4.4lbs. The heads’ wide payload range allows camera packages such as lightweight camcorders and DSLRs shooting HD video to be panned and tilted smoothly. For work with heavier, fully accessorized camera systems, both new S1 heads are fitted with a Boost Button that instantly expands the payload range upward.

The Video 18 S1 handles up to 33lbs or up to 39.6lbs in Boost mode, while the 20 S1 holds up to 39lbs or over 55lbs with Boost enabled. The new S1 heads feature Sachtler’s Speedbalance technology, along with an ergonomically designed counterbalance knob, storage positions for spare camera screws and seven steps of drag for both pan and tilt.