Sachtler gear used for rigorous Dakar Rally

Sachtler furnished the eight-member DakarPress team with professional camera support equipment for recording the 2010 Dakar Rally in South America.

In addition to the new Video 18 S1 fluid head and the Speed Lock CF tripod, a Sachtler camera stabilizer system was also used — the artemis DV Pro MD. The 5610mi motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle race was held in Argentina and Chile.

During the rally, the team had to fight against a lack of sleep and the highest UV index in the world. The terrain is also tough. When recording in the dunes and at the camp, the camera stabilizer system was used. It featured Dual Dynamic Balance with fine adjustment, a quick-release coupling for easy disconnection and a six-core main cable with Lemo plug for a dependable connection to the module.

When the drivers appear, the DakarPress Team is already in front of them, shooting the rally participants from different perspectives. To accomplish this, the lightweight Speed Lock CF tripod with the Video 18 S1 fluid head can be set up quickly and moved fast.

The Boost Button enabled a quick shift in payload range, and the Speedbalance technology allowed for rapid fine adjustment. Neither rain, dust, nor the enormous heat in the Atacama Desert — the driest place on earth — impaired the tripod's functions.