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RTM prepares for HD broadcasting in 2015 with large technology acquisition

State-owned public broadcaster Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) has acquired a large number of Grass Valley HD cameras, production switchers and routers for a new all-digital HD studio complex in Kuala Lumpur.

Completed in November, the new HD studios are the first for RTM. To support several studios and control rooms within the multilevel facility, RTM has purchased 24 Grass Valley LDK 8000 Elite multiformat HD cameras, five Kayak HD production switchers (four 3M/E models and one 3.5M/E model), and four Concerto Series 64 x 64 routers to distribute all types of audio and video signals throughout the facility.

The equipment will be used to support five RTM locations: Auditorium, IBC in Kuala Lumpur; Studio 3 in Seremban; Kuching in East Malaysia; and a flyaway kit. RTM built the new facility to prepare for full-time HD broadcasting beginning in 2015.