Ross Video Reports 1H Growth

IROQUOIS, ONTARIO, CANADA: Switcher specialist Ross Video reported year-over-year growth of more than 7 percent in the first half of their fiscal year ending April 30, 2010. The company did not provide revenue figures.

“We continue to buck the downward trend and have enjoyed some record months,” said David Ross, CEO of Ross Video. “We have some excellent momentum coming out of NAB, and the environment appears to be improving nicely.”

Ross revenues grew an average of 20 percent a year since 1991, InMedia reported in 2009. The company was launched in 1974 by John Ross with $3,000 in proceeds from the sale of his private aircraft and a bank loan of $5,000. Ross Video now employs around 250 people, and lists among its code of ethics that it “will not ship crap.”

“This goes back to the days when we were a much smaller company and people in manufacturing would occasionally push to hit a delivery date even if the product wasn’t fully tested. My father would then utter the famous words ‘We don’t ship crap.’ We’d wait a day and ship quality,” David Ross writes on the company Web site. “Over time, we have discussed changing this to ‘We will not knowingly ship a product that does not match specification.’ It just doesn’t have the same ring to it. We decided instead to leave the original there to generate discussion and ensure that the point is well understood and memorable.”