Ross’ Spellman to Step Down

IROQUOIS, ONTARIO— After a long career in broadcast engineering, Miles Spellman is retiring.

Spellman specialized in the software that controls robotic camera systems. He wrote control software for the first fully roaming broadcast pedestal systems for a company called TSM.

Miles and his colleague Bob Scotto, – who worked alongside him to help engineer the mechanics behind the TSM system, started Cambotics, their own company, where they designed a new generation of accurate and reliable robotic camera systems. Through Cambotics, they patented a new drive system, and Spellman wrote all of the company’s control and user interface software.

Spellman and Scotto sold Cambotics to Ross Video in 2011, and Ross Robotics subsequently added support for the “CamBot” line.

With the transition successfully executed, and a new team of software developers in place, the path is now clear for Spellman to retire, although he plans to attend NAB Show in 2013. Scotto continues to work on new camera robotics projects with Ross.