Ross launches Vision Series production switchers

Ross Video introduced five new production switchers as part of its new family of Vision Series multidefinition SD/HD production switchers at NAB2007.

The five new models, ranging from one to four M/Es, include: the Vision 1 MD, Vision 2 MD, Vision 2 MD-X, Vision 3 MD-X and Vision 4 MD-X.

RGB buttons let users personalize the Vision control panel. Vision offers a new DualDisplay color touch screen and other enhancements, including built-in manuals, Linux-based OS, button bumps and integration with the OverDrive control system.

Vision production features include:

  • AuxKeys mixing and keying on aux bus outputs;
  • Proc amps for quick video fixes and adjustments;
  • Color correctors;
  • Squeeze & Tease MD Warp DVE;
  • MLE Store still stores;
  • Media Cache animation playout;
  • UltraChrome chroma keyer;
  • Up to 96 inputs;
  • Up to 48 outputs.

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