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Riedel MediorNet Powers HD Broadcast’s HD1 Truck

WUPPERTAL, GERMANY—HD Broadcast’s HD1 mobile production truck has received a new upgrade with the installation of Riedel Communication’s MediroNet real-time network.

The HD1 now features three MediorNet Compact Pro frames and six MicroN media distribution networks connected over a 10 Gbps optical fiber network for a fully redundant, decentralized routing matrix. Working with HD Broadcast’s previously installed Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system, the MediroNet infrastructure combines fully integrated signal transport, routing and processing with communications.

The new MediorNet-based network infrastructure provides the HD1 truck improved flexibility and capacity through higher bandwidth and additional connectivity options. The fiber-based network also allows HD broadcast to minimize cabling, setup and logistics.

HD Broadcast CEO Constantin Novotny said in the company’s press release that the MediorNet infrastructure has helped create a foundation for an IP-based networking infrastructure and support for future 4K productions.