Riedel joins AVnu Alliance to promote IEEE 802.1 as AV Bridging standard

Riedel Communications has become a member of the AVnu Alliance, an industry forum dedicated to the advancement of professional-quality AV networking and the promotion of the IEEE 802.1 AV Bridging (AVB) standards over various networking links.

Henning Kaltheuner, product manager at Riedel, said the company will help expand the use of AVB network installations through its products, such as the MediorNet audio networking backbone platform, which supports standard protocols such as AES, MADI and SIP. MediorNet offers customers an open-platform backbone technology with bandwidth capacities suitable for numerous 3G video signals.

One of Riedel’s stated goals through the AVnu Alliance is to realize the group’s shared vision for interoperable AV networking via AVB technologies.