Riedel intercom technology used in major stadiums

Riedel’s Artist Digital Matrix intercom and Digital Partyline (DPL) systems got major workouts in two major stadiums in the United States and the UK during the recent Live Earth concerts.

Firehouse Productions, a supplier of live sound support including RF and intercom systems, provided the DPL system driven by Riedel’s Artist matrix intercom from the concert at Giants Stadium in New York. Similarly, independent broadcast company Arena Television used Riedel equipment, including its DPL system, for the Live Earth concert in London at Wembley National Stadium.

The installation at Giants Stadium required the interfacing of 13 broadcast trucks outside the stadium with FOH and monitor consoles for some 15 different performers. Firehouse used three Riedel Artist 64 digital intercom matrix systems, allowing it to station one frame at the broadcast trucks, one at the monitor console area and one at FOH.

The Artist platform is a digital matrix design for intercoms and the distribution of analog and digital audio and TCP/IP data signals. The series provides three mainframe sizes consisting of 32, 64 and 128 ports per frame. Up to 128 mainframes can be connected via redundant fiber-optic ring to form a single large, full summing, non-blocking distributed matrix with up to 1024 ports.

The Digital Partyline system installation at Giants Stadium included more than 30 Riedel Performer C3 Digital Belt packs working in tandem with the Performer C44 System Interface.

In London, Arena TV used the system for communications between the company’s two HD trucks, the HD7 and HD8, and the concert floor.

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