Riedel Gear Brings Red Bull X-Fighters Global

WUPPERTAL, GERMANY – More than 23,000 fans witness back-flips, tail-whips and other high flying acrobatics from the motocross Red Bull X-Fighters during their world tour stop in Madrid. Behind the scenes was Riedel Communications, who provided equipment to help the live event at Madrid’s Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, but also allowed the event to be broadcasted to TV stations around the world.

Riedel Crew covering Red Bull X-Fighters event in Madrid

One piece of equipment utilized for the event was the Riedel Artist digital intercom system, which used a decentralized infrastructure for live audio and intercom applications that allowed the Red Bull production team to establish and maintain coverage with distances of up to 500 meters between two nodes, keeping the entire production staff connected. Riedel’s Performer Digital Partyline system was also used to ensure communications between the judges and scorers.

For its broadcast capabilities, Red Bull TV used Riedel’s MediorNet real-time signal distribution and management platform. The MediorNet fiber network transported video signals to the LED screens in the arena and received video from a Cablecam and Steadicam deployed throughout the arena. MediorNet would then distribute these signals to TV stations via Red Bull TV.

Riedel Communications is a developer of real-time video, audio, data and communications networks for broadcast, pro audio, event, sports, theater and security applications.