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Riedel fiber network delivers Eurovision songs

The Eurovision Song Contest, the showpiece of the European Broadcast Union, used a fiber-based MediorNet system from German networking specialist Riedel Communications to distribute video, audio and communications signals at the event. Riedel installed a system comprising its MediorNet, RockNet, Artist and Performer components, turning a former football stadium into a 15,000-sq-m TV broadcast studio.

The system distributed 70 HD/SD-SDI video signals, 1200 audio signals and had 734 communications ports. A total of 70 MediorNet mainframes were used to integrate the various positions and departments into a single system, including the TV compound, commentator positions and the press center. MediorNet was responsible for transporting the broadcast signals to the OB trucks and distributing the video signals within the arena, for example, to the monitors on various visitor floors, the video walls and the commentator booths.

Eurovision was broadcast to more than 120 million viewers worldwide, with 48 commentator booths used for the event. Each booth was equipped with a Riedel Artist CCP-1116 commentary control panel along with two TV screens. While one screen provided the program, the second monitor offered parallel information on the voting and additional camera positions simultaneously.