Remote Picture Labs Chooses Teradici for Remote Editing Solution

Remote Pictures Lab
(Image credit: Remote Pictures Lab)

BURBANK, Calif.—Remote Picture Labs (RPL) has teamed with Teradici to use the company’s Cloud Access Software and PC-over-IP (PCoIP) as key components of its remote editing solution for scripted and live TV programming, the company said.

The tools help RPL customers transition from on-premise to remote, collaborative editing environments in a fast, secure and economical manner, it said.

The RPL editing solution runs on the company’s high-performance private cloud while Teradici Cloud Access Software and PCoIP Ultra enhancements compress, encrypt and transmit only pixels from virtual workstations on the network to stateless zero clients at endpoints, the company said.

In doing so, no media is ever downloaded by anyone on the post-production team, which ensures content protection satisfies the requirement of M&E industry players for a secure infrastructure. At the same time, editors and assistant editors perceive no performance or video quality impact from the process, it said.

RPL supports between two and four monitors at resolutions up to 4K/UHD. Lossless compression and high throughput provide smooth video playout and sustained performance on both Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro workstations, even at high frame rates, the company said.

“Our goal is to provide producers and editors with a remote, collaborative editing solution that is indiscernible from that of a traditional edit bay, and Teradici helps us achieve that,” said RPL co-founder Noah Gusdorff. “Their technologies let us deliver the best-of-breed, low-latency experience our clients expect. We’ve proven remote editing to be a safe, money-saving alternative for film and television post production and foresee its use as a hybrid, collaborative on-premises/at-home solution as film and television production returns to some form of normalcy.”

More information is available on the RPL website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz

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