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Red Giant to Support Apple FCPX

PORTLAND, OR.—Despite complaints about the latest incarnation of Apple Final Cut Pro--particularly from the post community--Red Giant, a provider of color correction and grading tools, has announced support for Apple Final Cut Pro X.

"With the release of Final Cut Pro X, there have been a lot of questions and concerns about the future of Final Cut Pro and the plug-ins that run inside it," said Andrew Little, president and co-founder, in a statement. "First, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve already conducted extensive testing, and we are very excited about the FCP X release. We’re confident that, as Final Cut Pro X evolves, it will fuel new growth in the market and as a result, allow us to share our tools with a much broader range of users who want to create beautiful work."

Little said that Red Giant’s products, including its popular Magic Bullet graphics tool, “are perfectly suited for the current and next generation of Final Cut Pro users. In terms of development, you’ll be seeing Magic Bullet products available on Final Cut Pro X very soon. In fact, with the SDK in hand, we’ve already begun the engineering effort for what will be free Final Cut Pro X updates for current users.”