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Clarity upgrades electronics engine for 67-inch Lion displays
Clarity Visual Systems has announced a new electronics engine for its 67-inch Lion XGA and UXGA model displays. The upgraded engine, which includes an enhanced graphical user interface, is designed to enable easier set up and control, more inputs such as composite and S-video, simplified remote control, and use of Clarity's WallNet software for network-based performance monitoring. The user interface is designed to fully utilize the Lion's maximum resolution: 1024 x 768 with the UX model and 1600 x 122 with Lion UXL. For more info:

EyeCaptare’s controller eliminates moving parts, enables time-based content distribution to multiple displays via Internet
EyeCaptare has introduced the EYELink Controller for all models of EyeCaptare displays. The controller, which contains no moving parts to improve reliability, manages the presentation of digital advertisements and all content distribution on EyeCaptare displays. Using on-display menus or the Internet, an operator can set the dates and times displays will operate and specify which advertisements will be displayed on screen, allowing time-based dissemination of marketing and other content to multiple displays regardless of location. For more info:

Pacific Digital's MemoryFrame

Pacific Digital MemoryFrame digital photo album incorporates wireless input
Pacific Digital has introduced the MemoryFrame digital photo album that allows use of wireless or USB port input connections to display graphical content with stereo sound and text overlay. The MF-810SW MemoryFrame features a 10.4-inch, TFT, active-matrix, flat-screen LCD with 800x600 resolution. Once loaded with up to 80 images, the product can operate stand-alone – without connection to a PC or other image source device. For more info:

Sharp offers 3D LCD technology for digital signage
Sharp has introduced 3D LCD technology that displays three-dimensional images without special glasses. The technology’s panel design and drive system combine a conventional LCD with a switching LCD that employs a parallax barrier technique. The panel, which supports large-format applications such as digital signage, electrically switches between 2D and 3D viewing modes. For more info:

New NEC 61-inch plasma monitors enhance split screen functionality

NEC's 61-inch plasma monitors

NEC Plasma Display has announced two new 61-inch wide plasma monitors providing enhanced split screen functionality in its PlasmaSync 61XM2+series line. Designed for multimedia presentation and display applications, the monitors’ fully digitalized signal-processing circuits enable clear, high-definition, progressive scanning images on both screens without signal deterioration. The double picture display is enabled through "side-by-side" and "picture-in-picture" screen modes available on all input systems. The monitors support information systems combining text data and advertisements, as well as vertically installed digital advertisement systems. A “seamless switch” function enables switching between two input signals without any time lag. For more info:

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