Raycom Picks Grass Valley Nonlinear Editing System

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. —Raycom Media has selected Grass Valley Edius Pro 6.5 as its nonlinear editing system of choice for its news operations. The Montgomery, Ala.-based broadcaster will integrate Edius Pro 6.5 with the Bitcentral media content management and Panasonic P2 media formats used at its stations. Stations using a previous version of the softwarrwe will be upgraded to Edius Pro 6.5 to standardize its edit seats.

Edius Pro 6.5’s loudness metering, ability to handle closed captioning, the USB dongle-free software licensing solution, and the ability to deploy the software across the entire enterprise, including desktops and laptop field editors, influenced the broadcaster’s selection. Using Edius will simplify Raycom’s content production and delivery across multiple platforms.

“All of our stations have been using Edius 5.5 for a while and love it,” said David Folsom, Raycom vice president and chief technology officer. “The release of Edius Pro 6.5 gave us the perfect opportunity to not only standardize our NLE systems across our organization, but to also address specific production needs. The fact that we have the same editing ability in all of our stations and our journalists’ laptops makes our workflows much more efficient.”

The rollout will begin with bench testing at each station.

“When getting a story to air fast can mean the difference between being a market leader or being a market follower, Edius delivers,” said Tim Thorsteinson, president and CEO of Grass Valley. “With real-time editing, nothing comes close to the performance of Edius.”

Edius is software-upgradable between versions (Neo, Express, Pro and Elite).