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RadiantGrid Technologies to introduce Civolution NexGuard integration

RadiantGrid Technologies will demonstrate the integration of Civolution’s NexGuard forensic video watermarking into the RadiantGrid Platform at the 2011 NAB Show.

Forensic video watermarking for digital content that is prereleased can be a deterrent against content theft. Civolution’s NexGuard watermarking applications add imperceptible video watermarks, on a per-content-copy basis, which are resilient to analog/digital conversion, format change, recompression and other forms of content manipulation.

The process adds a unique, imperceptible serial number to each copy of a given piece of content in any output format. NexGuard offers enhanced content security, whether copies of content go to post-production houses for dubbing, circulate for review or are delivered to distributors.

RadiantGrid will provide a Watermark Management service within the RadiantGrid Platform, which will support the insertion of watermarks into content during the transcode phase using Civolution’s NexGuard solution.

See RadiantGrid Technologies at the 2011 NAB Show in Booth SU3725.