QuStream Provides a Route for Korean HD

QuStream has received a major order for video and audio routing equipment from US systems integrator Diversified Systems, for a new HD production and presentation centre in South Korea.

The new production centre will form part of the main conference facilities at the Samsung Group headquarters in Seoul, and will enable the distribution of multiple HD and DVI sources throughout the facility. In addition, Samsung subsidiaries in various parts of the world will be able to view shared content at HD resolutions. The routers supplied by QuStream support full resolution HD and DVI plus stereo analogue audio without the quality issues associated with significant distances. They are fully scalable, allowing the routing infrastructure to be expanded at a later date.

The router installation consists of two QuStream Cheetah 128NE frames, one Jaguar 64 X 64 stereo audio matrix and a Cougar 32 x 32 Stereo Audio Matrix. One of the two Cheetah 128NE frames will be configured as 64 X 64HD W/ 32 SFP fibre in with 32SFP fibre out. The second 128NE frame will comprise 80 X 80HD W/ 80 SFP fibre in and 80SFP fibre out. QuStream will also supply a full set of accessories and spares will be provided for all four matrices.

"A critical requirement was the ability to maintain the highest resolution at all points in the system. The distance limitations of traditional Dual Link DVI cables being short at about 15 ft maximum length created design challenges," explained Diversified Systems COO Kevin Collins.