Quincy Newspapers TV Stations Convert to Litepanels

VAN NUYS, CALIF.– Quincy Newspapers television station WGEM-TV of Quincy, Ill., has converted its studios to Litepanels LED lighting.

“Flesh tones really pop. We’re very happy with how it looks on the air. At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing,” said Brady Dreasler, Quincy Newspapers’ director of capital, facilities and engineering.

Dreasler also mentioned that the anchors have noticed another benefit from the change. He said that previously the stations “were running full air conditioning at all these places, even when it was 20 degrees below zero outdoors.”

With the energy savings, plus a rebate from the local electrical power utility, Dreasler predicts that they will recoup the cost of the LED lights in 3 years.

Lighting designer Steve Mulkey of Redwood Media Group, who lit WGEM’s news set, relied primarily on Litepanels’ Sola 4 daylight balance LED Fresnel fixtures, which combine the advantages of LED technology with the classic Fresnel fixture design. He also incorporated daylight balance Litepanels 1x1 Flood and 1x1 Spot fixtures in the studio, and used Litepanels Sola ENG daylight Fresnel fixtures in the newsroom.

In addition to WGEM, Quincy has switched to Litepanels at KTTC in Rochester, Minn., WVVA-TV in Bluefield, W.V., and WSJV-TV in Elkhart, Ind.