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Quasar 3D rig used to capture Dave Mathews Band concert live

Element Technica, a designer and manufacturer of 3D rigs for motion picture and television production, announced that its Quasar 3D rigs were used extensively in the production of “Larger than life in 3D featuring the Dave Matthews Band.”

3D rigs position the two camera and lens systems that are necessary to provide stereoscopic 3D images. The rigs must be rigid enough to hold the cameras in precise alignment through the production, easily adjustable in both interocular (the distance between the two lenses) and convergence (the distance in front of the two lenses where each camera’s view crosses the other), and lightweight enough to be carried on cranes, stabilizers and other camera support equipment.

Quasar 3D rigs are quick to set up, and small and lightweight compared with previous 3D rigs. They require only Allen wrenches and a mirror gauge for setup and alignment.

In this production, the Element rigs were set up at each venue on the day prior to the show, and the alignment held up well throughout the entire three days of the shoot. The only alignment adjustments necessary after that were as a result of lens changes.

One crane-mounted Quasar rig on the production was operated from 100ft away by its Convergence Puller.

Though the crew chose to use wired controls in order not to risk interference from the extensive amount of wireless RF involved in the concert, the Technica 3D rigs are fully capable of wireless operation.