Quantel Announces New Customers

Quantel has announced new deployments of its products in Dallas, Texas and Chattanooga, Tenn.

Daystar Television Network, the second largest Christian television network in the world, has selected Quantel's sQ HD/SD integrated production system, replacing tape-based operations at the network's Dallas headquarters. The system will support six sQ Cut, six sQ desktop editing applications and three eQ multiresolution editing, effects and color correction systems.

"After an in-depth research process, we chose the Quantel sQ server and associated editors to provide us with the most efficient, high-quality solution to our workflow issues," said Leland Johnson, Daystar systems developer. "Specifically, Quantel's FrameMagic file management became the primary factor in our decision, as it presented a very cost-effective storage and archive model that fit what we wanted to accomplish."

Daystar plans to have the system in operation in May and will initially be used to support the network's "Celebration" four times per week live program.

Chattanooga's WRCB-TV recently installed a Quantel Newsbox system for delivery of its daily news production. The NBC affiliate serves portions of Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina.

The WRCB-TV system consists of eight sQ Cut journalist workstations, two sQ Edit seats for craft edit work and an eQ multiresolution editing, effects and color correction system. The station already had a Quantel Picturebox still store which will be used in conjunction with the new system.

"One of the reasons we went with Quantel is that we purchased a Picturebox 12 years ago and it is still in daily use; you don't get much better ROI than that," said WRCB-TV production manager Doug Loveridge. "We have had very few problems with it, but when we've needed support it was excellent and it has meant that in those 12 years we have never been 'off-air'."

Loveridge said that the new system would speed up both the station's news production and news archiving operations.