PSSI Global Upgrades Satellite Truck To Support WWE

(Image credit: PSSI)

BURBANK, Calif.—PSSI Global Services has enhanced its dual-dish CK27 truck to support the evolving transmission needs of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

The upgraded vehicle made its debut in late September for “Friday Night Smackdown” “Extreme Rules PPV” and “Monday Night Raw.”

The upgrade includes a larger 3G HD video router to handle more video inputs and outputs, an expanded ASI router, new Evertz 3067VIP multiviewers with X-link to allow monitoring of up to 64 sources and additional IPGs to accommodate more video sources to and from production trucks, PSSI said.

The expanded technical lineup also includes redundant Evertz Magnum control servers for management and control of additional routing and multiviewers. New MediaKind AVP4000 encoders with MPEG-4 and HEVC support were added, as well as transport stream multiplexers to support multichannel distribution and 1080p HDR and SDR feeds, it said.

PSSI also included new RX1 and RX8200 decoders on the receiver side to support inbound feeds and for confidence monitoring. An IP backbone was added to allow all compressed transport streams to flow seamlessly through compression, muxing and monitoring platforms and out to data distribution, it said. 

The company also installed dual Eaton Blade UPS systems for technical power and utility/HVAC power. The UPS system included ASCO automatic power transfer switches, it said. 

PSSI also incorporated a 4.6-meter, four-port C-band antenna with hub-mounted 2:1 Advantech solid state amplifiers. The antenna, paired with the SSPBs, delivers the linear power necessary for today’s higher-modulation schemes, allowing the most efficient use of the satellite bandwidth. Hub-mounted solid state amplifiers also were added to the existing 2.4-meter Ku-band antenna, it said.

Upgrades to the truck also include redundant computer controls, Dante-based audio and comms systems and additional air conditioning. The design and layout of CK27 also make single engineer operation easier and provides more workspace. 

“We have partnered with WWE on countless events over the years, and as their needs grow and change, we continue to find innovative ways to modify our equipment to support their goals,” said PSSI executive vice president Brian Nelles. “The upgraded CK27 offers a customized, cutting-edge solution to address WWE’s complex transmission projects well into the future.”

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab)

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